Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show is Removing Mozilla Firefox From 30 April | Latest Tech News

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV users will not able to use Mozilla firefor App on their devices from 30 April 2021.

This Information is officially given by Mozilla Firefox team, that firefox will end support for Amazon Fire TV stick and Amazon Echo devices from 30 April 2021. Those users who is currently using firefox as a browser are receiving notifications about the same.

Amazon Echosystem is no longer support to Mozilla firefox on fire TV and other Echo Devices and will not able to get any type of Updates related to security and performance. They also not able to reinstall Mozilla if they unstalled it.

The company said in an update that If your default browser is firefox, then the searched content is redirected to Amazon Silk after 30 April 2021.

Mozilla is also removed from amazon play store, in web browsing section.
Officially amazon said that you can still enjoy web browsing service, via official amazon silk browser. Just say “Alexa Open Silk” then you will be redirected to Amazon’s Silk Browser.

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Mozilla is useful in some cases, like playing YouTube Videos on Internet. Now you may think that we can also play YouTube Videos on Google Chrome and other Browsers, but you are wrong. In Amazon Echo System, Only with mozilla browsers we can Play YouTube Videos, and other google products.

But Google Software Engineers and Amazon’s Team has successfully worked on this issue, after this news. Now you can play and use any google service on Official Amazon’s Silk Browser.

Mozilla Firefox was firstly launched to Fire TV devices on December 2017. In July 2019, Google brought the YouTube app back to the Amazon Fire TV, giving less focus on Firefox to users. Echo Show devices are still missing the YouTube app that means that users will still have to watch YouTube content via the Silk browser post the update on 30 April.

The Firefox browser comes with Echo Show devices at a same time Amazon’s Silk browser with the introduction of Echo Show 10 in September 2018.

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