Top 10 Changes in Technology Due to Covid 19 in 2021

Covid-19 is a very harmful virus. There are more than 16.3M cases (On Report of 23 April). And Due to this covid, our Technology over worldwide have made drastically changes. In this article, I am going to discuss those top 10 Changes in Technology due to Covid-19.

Top 10 Changes in Technology Due to Covid 19: –

  1. Excessive Use of Smartphones, Laptops, and PC’s is Increased. Due to Covid 19, all the School, Colleges are closed. And Due to this Online Classes Technology Becomes Popular in World. For taking an Online Class, we need a Phone or Computer. And That’s why many of the Students Purchased New Smartphones. This Results in High Revenue of Smartphones Companies. According to a report, In India, more than 200 Million Sales is Increased due to Covid. And Samsung and Realme Become the Most Selling Smartphone in the Year 2020.
  2. Video Calling is Increases due to no travel. Peoples are not allowed to travel anywhere during covid. Due to this, many of them use Video Calling Technology to Contact their relatives. Some Video Calling Companies like Zoom, Google, Microsoft, Etc. They have crossed more than 500 Million + Downloads on their Applications. In India, more than 100 Million New Users Introduced to Video Calling Technology and using it.
  3. The Internet is Going insecure due to Excessive Use and More Cyber Attacks. During covid 19 Many Cyber Crimes Take Advantage of it and results in Data Breaching of Many Peoples. Many of them learn about Cyber Crimes on the Internet and then Implement them on Innocent peoples. According to a report, over 680 Million Cyber Crimes happens in the Year 2020. In India, more than 47 Million Users Suffered from Cyber Crimes. Some big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Etc., Suffers from a Huge Data Breach.
  4. Use of Data is Increases at High Rate. Many Peoples Used Internet at Huge Amount. Data Surfing on Internet is Increased by 78% Compare to 2019 in 2020. Online streams like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Etc, Use is Very Increases, resulting in more data use. Users start using an excessive amount of data in their Free Time. According to a report, More than 500 Million Users from India, Consumed Almost 100% of their data packs. Previously this no. is just half of it, i.e., in 2018-19 Users from all over India Use only 50% of their per day data pack.
  5. Work from Home Introduced in Almost Every Software company. Software companies accept Work-From Home Idea to their engineers. Previously only Some limited big companies like Facebook, google, amazon give Work-From Home Facility to their employees. Now in 2021, Almost Every Software company offers this facility to work from Home. And at End, this Results in Very Comfort to Software Engineers, as they get time to spend on Home, and can-do other Jobs, like Freelancing.
  6. Knowledge of Operating and Surfing Computer is Increases. In some towns of India, Knowledge of Using the computer is Increases by 39%. Most of the knowledge is due to Online Studies, and Some of due to Free time. Many People are kicked out of their Jobs and Don’t know to use a computer, but due to Covid they learn to operate and surf the laptop.
  7. Online Money-Making Field is Increases at Good Amount in India. Online Money-making platforms are being used more than 35% as compared to 2019. Some of the popular fields are Freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. Many of the Employees are not having any Job due to covid, so more than 40,000 Users from India Starts Freelancing Jobs, Blogging, etc.
  8. Many people learn Coding and Programming Languages due to more time during the lockdown. Programming Skills and Interest is developing in peoples due to covid. New Ideas Discovers during covid. Many Tech Interested Peoples during free time learns to code and Make some Applications.
  9. Tech Industry’s Revenue is Increases in Huge Amount. Every Industry has Faced a Loss during Covid except Tech. Tech Industry gains Huge Revenue due to covid. Sales of Every Tech Related Products is Increased in significant no. as compared to 2019.
  10. There is a Huge Impact on Internet Servers due to the excessive use of Internet products by people. Due to excessive use of the Internet, some of the Hosting Servers are cracking, and a New Technology is Introduces to safe the Servers called ISST – Internet Server Safeguard Technology. This helps in saving servers from excessive request for data.

So, These Are the Top 10 Technology Changes Due to Covid 19 in 2021. I hope. You Like the Quality of the Content. Please Comment Your Suggestions About the Quality of Content.

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