Top 3 Ways in Which You Can Reduce Your Laptop Fan Noise

If your laptop fan’s sound like a giant and you are looking for some ways in which It sounds less, then you come to the perfect place. In this article, we talk about How you can Reduce your Laptop Fan Noise in Very Simple 3 Ways. In some ways, you have to go to a computer shop, and in some, you can do by own.

Top 3 Ways For Reducing Laptop Fan Noise:-

  1. By Increasing Ram of Your Laptop: If your computer is having 4GB or less than that, then you have to Change your Ram and Increase it. In this way you have to increase your Ram, you can order the Ram and Just Replace the Older one. You can watch YouTube videos on How to Change Ram. This Way is really helpful in your fan noise and your computer noise also. But if you are having already a Good amount of Ram, then Follow the Next Steps.
  2. By Adding SSD to Your Laptop: If your computer is running on an HDD, then you definitely have to buy an SSD and insert it on your laptop. It Plays a Major Role in your fan noise, If the first step fails then you have to follow this step, for better results. You Just Order A SSD From Amazon/Flipkart of at least 120+ GB of a Good Company, along with a Holder of your HDD. Then Screw down your laptop and remove the HDD from it and Place the new SSD into the HDD holder. After that if your laptop has free space for CD drives or anything else then you can Insert your HDD with the Caddy you order on your laptop.
  3. By Doing Some Settings in Your Computer :
  • Deleting Unwanted Softwares and Files From Your Computer.
  • Defragging Your Computer: A lot of times the files you delete, switch around to new folders and change the names of leaving little traces of “original versions” behind. These bits and bobs of left-behind traces add up over time. For Defragging Your Computer, you can read this article: How to Defrag a Computer?
  • Simply Screw down your laptop and clean all the dust from inside and outside.
  • You can Use an Antivirus Like Quick Heal, It also Helps to Reduce your Laptop Fan Speed and Increase your laptop security and performance. It comes with a Pre Installed Defragmenter.

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Laptop Fan NoiseTop 3 Ways For Reducing Laptop Fan Noise
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