Apple is Collaborating with LG to Make a Car ? Latest Tech News

Apple is Collaborating with LG to Make a Car ?
Apple is Collaborating with LG to Make a Car ?

Apple was initially reported to have partnered with Hyundai of Korea to work on its much-awaited reported Apple car ‘. However, this was later denied. After that it was rumored to team up with Nissan but that did not happen either. Now, for the third time, it is reported that Apple may partner with a Canadian car company, Magna and LG’s joint automotive venture – LG Magna e-Powertrain.

The contract required both LG and Magna to operate in the early stages of Apple car production, as reported by The Korean Times. It is also mentioned that the partnership of LG and Magna is expected to be completed later this year and Apple as one of their main customers. If you are wondering, both LG and Magna are offering supply parts including battery packs, motors and more to automobile companies such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford and BMW.

Previous rumors indicate Apple to launch its own electric vehicle by 2025. However, this is nothing more than a prediction and there is absolutely no evidence to support the claim. The iPhone maker was apparently working on the car’s design until 2017, when the focus was shifted to autonomous technology. However, according to several reports in the last few months, it is almost clear that the firm has already started working on it.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is already in discussions with several suppliers to introduce self-driving car sensors known as LIDARs. It is believed that the car is allowed to see its surroundings and handle tasks such as speeding, breaking and more.

Recently LG’s Official Statement says, that LG is closing :-

LG Electronics Inc of South Korea will close its mobile division market due to high losses, making it the first major smartphone brand to leave the market entirely.

LG’s smartphone division, the smallest of the company’s five divisions, with sales of about 7%, is scheduled to close on July 31.

Its exit decision will allow Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc to capture a 10% market share in North America, where it is the No. 3 brand, and its domestic competitor is expected to gain the upper hand.

In the U.S, Company mainly focuses on mid-priced smartphones. This means that Samsung, which has more middle product lines than Apple, is better able to attract LG users, ”said Ko Yui-Young, an analyst at Hi Investments & Securities. 

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