Apple invests significantly in India to support about 1 million jobs: official nodvkj



New Delhi. American tech giant and iPhone maker Apple is backing nearly one million jobs in India through its workforce, apps and supplier partners, including significant investments. The company’s vice president (product operations) Priya Balasubramaniam said this on Thursday.

Speaking at the Bangalore Tech Summit 2021, Balasubramaniam said that Apple has been doing business in India for more than two decades and has started making ‘iPhones’ from 2017 at its plant in Bangalore.

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Expansion of Apple Plant in Bangalore and Chennai
Since then, we have expanded our plants in Bangalore and Chennai, from where we have made several models of iPhones for domestic market and export. We are investing heavily in India to expand our operations in our supply chain and expand our reach and connect with local suppliers. ”

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These models were assembled in India
Models such as the iPhone 11, the new iPhone SE and the iPhone 12 have been assembled in India by the company’s supplier-partners. He said that Apple today supports about one million jobs in India.

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