Battlegrounds mobile india has got a new update League of Legends Island mode Learn what will change in the AAAQ game



Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, has released a new update 7 The version 1.7 update of the popular game, created by South Korean maker Krafton, features a new League of Legends-inspired Mirror Island mode. This updated version is in collaboration with Liverpool FC where players will receive special prizes. Battleground Mobile India is also getting a new event called The Recall. In addition to all this Royal Pass Month 5 has started with the update.

Crafton said that from November 19, update 1.7 will bring a new Mirror World mode for Arzel, Livik and Sunhoek. Users of this game need to enable the mode checkbox when setting up the game to access the new Mirror World mode.

Once activated, Mirror Island is briefly displayed on the player’s map after the game has started. There is an air wall portal that players can enter to reach Mirror Island. Once inside Mirror Island, users can play as League of Legends and Akron characters. Once a player dies or the time to play on Mirror Island is over, players return to regular play.

Some changes were also made to the game:
Battleground Mobile India Classic Mode is also getting weapon related changes with new piggyback features. The piggyback feature allows users to resurrect dead teammates, but when this feature is enabled, they cannot use any weapons or vehicles. The SLR, SKS, Mini 14, VSS, and DP-28 are getting plenty of weapons, and a new grenade indicator will allow players to track where the grenade has fallen.

The partnership with Liverpool FC lets players play a ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ event where they can win Liverpool FC-branded parachutes, backpacks and jerseys. Crafton is also launching an Indian-specific event called The Recall where players can win recall tokens that can be exchanged for prizes.

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