Best Free VPN For Android and IOS Devices

Best Free VPN
Best Free VPN

VPN in Android is very useful service, it let’s your IP changes to another country and changes every 5 minutes. VPN Stands for virtual private network. In this article we talk about Top 3 Best Free VPN for android and IOS.

So First understand the working of VPN :-

VPN helps to create secure connection between your original IP and Internet. With VPN all your data is transferred through encrypted virtual tunnel (in short a Virtual different IP address ). VPN helps you to hide your exact location, where you are surfing on Internet.

The Best thing is that you can’t be tracked if you are using a VPN, it is very hard process to track an IP which is using VPN. But for Normal users How VPN is helpful ? What a Normal Person Can do with VPN ?

For Normal person VPN is super important, if you’re doing some banking work in your PC or Mobile then always recommende you to use a Secure VPN so that Your transection is 100% safe. Many popular banking sites or e-commerce sites already use a Free VPN service to let their visitors a Secure environment. But many site still not using a VPN service, so in That case you have to use your personal VPN.

Can We create our own VPN ?

Defiantly yes, you can create your own VPN, but for that you need to develop advanced Networking and Programming Skills so that you can code your own 100% secure VPN.

Top 3 Best Free VPN for Android :-

In android you can use both Free and Paid VPN’s, But In free VPN you did’nt get more advantages like Top Countries IP’s, IP Rotation, etc.

  1. Turbo VPN Lite

Turbo VPN is the best VPN service for android users, it is both paid and free. But You get almost same advantages as compare to paid version, that’s why this VPN is best for Android users. It can Unlock any kind of Site you are visiting, which is restricted in your country. It gives free Inbuilt IP rotation service, which changes Your IP after a given Interval of Time. It is fully customizable. Although you didn’t get Top countries, but still it is very secure and Top Best VPN for Android.

  1. NordVPN

Nord VPN is also the Top Best VPN for android, But according to some users it looses its connection after a regular interval of time. The Nord VPN Team says that our engineers are working on this Issue. It also Gives all Features, like, IP rotation, Customization, etc. Even it gives free IP of some popular Top countries, Like USA, JAPAN, ets. I personally use this VPN in my android device.

  1. Proton VPN

Proton VPN gives a user a very secure environment, but it does not give IP rotation service for Free Users and also it is having only Few countaries IP’s only. So if you a paid user also, then also it does not much good. But it claims and even proves that it is the Most Secure VPN for android Users this time, even in Free Version.

Top 3 VPN’s For Iphone and Ipads (IOS devices ) :-

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Windscribe
  3. Hotspot Shield

” Well I am not a IOS User so I cannot provide a description for IOS VPN’s”

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