128 Million Apple’s Users are in Trouble, Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices

Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices
Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices

Today on 8th May the Biggest Tech News from Apple comes, that Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices. Due to this 128 Million Apple Users May Face some privacy problems, like data leak.

Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices:-

If you are an iOS user, then bad news for you because 128 million (128 million) users have been affected by a dangerous malware named “XcodeGhost”. This malware was first revealed in 2015 which affected many apps of iPhone and iPad uploaded to the App Store.

During an ongoing trial between Epic Games and Apple, Apple’s internal emails revealed that 128 million consumers downloaded 2500 apps that were affected by malware and came from fake copies of Xcode. According to Motherboard’s report, if you talk about the total, then these 2500 infected apps have been downloaded from the App Store 203 million times. Also Read : LG is Closing its Smartphones Manufacturing.

18 million US users affected

The report has revealed that it comprises 55 percent of Chinese customers and 66 percent of downloads. According to Apple’s Internale emails, 18 million of these users are from America. The report states that some developers have downloaded Infected Xcode because Apple’s server was slow, so they looked for alternative download links.

Popular apps like ‘Angry Birds 2’ also affected

Popular apps like ‘Angry Birds 2’ are also affected in Dangerous Malware Attacked on IOS Devices. Upon learning about the malware, Apple immediately asked the developers to recompile their apps with the correct version of Xcode. After this incident, Apple has corrected both security and malware scanning of the Xcode installation process while submitting the app to the App Store. Also Read : Samsug Galaxy F12 Review

Let us know that from this week a legal battle has started between Apple and Epic Games, in which new things have been revealed. It also reveals that Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to open his iPhone on other app stores as soon as possible.



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