Facebook Data Leaked : Latest Technology Updates | 533 Million Users Compromized

Facebook Data Leaked
Facebook Data Leaked

In India Data of More then 6 Million Users are Compromised on Internet. In US and UK over 32 Million and 11 Million Users Data Respectively are Compromised on Internet. This Facebook Data Leaked Information is Officially given by a Cybersecurity Site.

In All over the world over 533 Million Users data is Compromised From 106 Countries.

Which Facebook Data is Leaked :-

Business Insider reviewed several records, according to them the leaked Information Includes, phone numbers, Facebook ID’s locations, full names, birthdays, bios, and E-Mail addresses (in some cases).

In India, More then 6 Million (60,00000) Users data is leaked, and in US more then 32 Million (3,20,00000) users data is Leaked, and In UK more then 11 Million (1,1,00000) users data is leaked.

Facebook Data Leaked : What Actually Happened ?

The Latest set of comprmised data was grazed due to a vulnerability that facebook pached in 2019. Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock reveals this data leackage in Tweet that all 533,000,000 recored are leaked from facebook due to a vulnerability that facebook pached in 2019 Including all personal Information.

This means that the leaked personal information of over 533 million Facebook users is out there and can be used by hackers to perform Hacking attacks or Social Engineering attacks on Users, and Gain Some More personal details like bank accound, Camera pictures, Voice Records, etc, Alon Gal told Insider.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns is that it allows users to search for a Facebook user’s phone number.

However, do note that Facebook has not released any official Information about this data breaching. It is still undefined that the data is actually leaked or not.

Though the data is slightly older, a lot of it still remains relevant given there is not a high chance that users don’t change their email id or phone number associated with their account every year.

To reiterate, the data leak can be traced back to 2019. However, the social media giant said at that time that it has patched the vulnerability. The data sold in 20$ in Telegram in 2019, containing Users Personal Information, Phone No., Etc. And It was again leaked in Jan 2021.



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