Google Chrome Hidden Features That You Must Know

Google Chrome Hidden Features

In today’s time everyone uses Google Chrome for internet browsing. Today we will tell you about the Google Chrome Hidden Features , which you will not even be aware of and you may not have even used these features.

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular Internet browser. Many features have been added on this platform for the convenience of the users. But there are many such features in it, about which very few users are aware. Today we will tell you about the secret features of Google Chrome here. You will not even be aware of them and you will not even have used these features. Let’s know about these features of Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Hidden Features :

Google Chrome has In-Built Scanner

One of the great features of Google Chrome is the in-built scanner. With the help of this feature, you can scan and delete viruses. To scan a computer or PC, go to the settings of Google Chrome. Here you have to scroll down. Now you will see the option of Advance. After going into it, you will get the option of clean up computer. From here you will be able to scan your computer and laptop.

Google Chrome Guest Mode

Google Chrome’s Guest Mode is a great feature. With the help of this feature, you can keep your browsing hidden from others. To activate this feature, you have to click on the avatar with Google account. Here you will find Guest Mode at the bottom.

Use Reader Mode

If you want to read something in your spare time and don’t want all the pictures/ads in an article, you can use Reader Mode. To activate Reader Mode, open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode and activate Reader Mode. Once this mode is enabled, in the menu in Chrome you will see an Enter Reader Mode option on the corresponding pages.

Tab Grouping Feature

The tab grouping feature of Google Chrome is very useful. With the help of this feature, the tabs of Google Chrome can be organized properly. You can add labels and color codes to tabs through this feature. To use this feature, you have to right click on the tab and select Add to New Group option. You can then add or remove tabs from any group. Apart from this, you will also get the facility to hide group tabs.



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