Google LaMDA: You can talk with tables, chairs and doors, how?

Google LaMDA
Google LaMDA

Google IO 2021: Google has made many big announcements in its annual development conference. During this time the company introduced Artificial Intelligence based Google LaMDA model. This is the experimental model under which a person can interact with an object. In the coming time, if you ask any question through the chair or door of the house, and if he answers, then it will not be surprising.

Google IO Event Explanation :-

In this event, the company showed a demonstration. During this, the conversation with Pluto was shown. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said that it is quite interesting to see how LaMDA can start a conversation on any topic. According to Pichai, it can also do sensible and interesting things.

However, LaMDA is still in the initial stage and makes mistakes. The company has also shown a demonstration video. In this video, LaMDA answers questions posed by Human as Pluto. In the second video, LaMDA answers Human’s questions as a paper plane. The answers are not plain and simple. In response, human touch has been given, so that it seems that you are talking to a person only.

Actually, through this model, the company wants that human beings can communicate with any object or any gadgets. For example, in the coming time it is possible that through this technology you can ask through your door who came in the day.

Google LaMDA :-

The answer to the door will not be like a machine, but it will have a human touch and will be able to give you complete information in an interesting way. The company has said that LaMDA’s covariance skills have been developed for many years.

Neural architecture has been used for this, which is called GPT-3. It was prepared by Google in 2017 itself. This architecture produces a model that has been trained to read many words.

Significantly, Google has been working on Artificial Intelligence for quite some time. A few years ago, the company announced an artificial intelligence based call system. The company said that through this, the Google Assistant will call you and book a table in the restaurants or take an appointment book. But the truth is that this feature is also in a few places and its use is not much.

That is, many times Google tells about the features coming in its event in a very revolutionary way, but even after many years, it does not show any special use. Similarly, it will be interesting to see about LaMDA how many years this feature is mainstreamed.

If seen, this feature can prove to be quite beneficial. But if you dive deep into it, then it is known that it is not easy either. Because Artificial Intelligence will be used in LaMDA and many times Artificial Intelligence does something that can cause harm to people.



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