Google Photos Free Storage is Now Limited ? Tech News

Google Photos Free Storage is Now Limited
Google Photos Free Storage is Now Limited

Most of the people in the world are using Google Photos Free Storage in the world. You are also part of them. Now, here we are going to start a visit towards some rules related Google Photos. Stay with us to enjoy the beautiful journey.

Gmail users should prepare this before June 1, the rules are going to change.

Unlimited storage is ending in Google Photos. You must have heard this But this is not just about Google Photos, but it is about every Gmail users. This opinion of Google from June 1 will influence all Gmail users.

Google Photos Free Storage will end with unlimited storage :

Google is preparing a huge modification since June 1. Google will not be eligible to upload endless photos from June 1 onwards. Now it is important to understand here that not only the photos, but a lot is going to change from June 1.

According to Google, 15GB of space will be allotted to every Gmail stoners or users. This space also comprises emails from Gmail as well as your photos. It also includes Google Drive where you backup. If you need to utilize additional 15GB of space, then you keep engaging for it.

Under Google One, the company has a space plan of up to 2TB which you can buy. It takes the money of the month and the year. You can choose whether to make monthly payments or annually.

There are three types of storage available for Google Photos :

High quality, original quality and express quality. Under High Quality, up to 16 megapixels of photos are backed up and videos are full HD.

Talking about original quality, under this, photos like you have on the phone, it will be saved without change. There will be no compromise with the quality.

In Express Quality, photos and videos are compressed and uploaded and there is an agreement with the quality.

Of these, money is still taken on selecting the original quality. But photos backed up in high quality and express quality are free. This is going to change from 1 June.

Note :

From June 1, it will take money to backup high quality and express quality photos. If 15GB of space is exhausted, then you have to buy cloud space through Google One.

The new rule will not apply to pictures or videos uploaded before June 1…

It is worth noting that before June 1, upload all the photos on Google Photos, there is no problem. This rule will be applicable from 1 June. So before that, you can backup as much as you want.

If you are more dependent on Google Photos and you feel that you cannot pay money to Google Photos then this is an easy solution.

You can buy a pen drive, OTG or hard drive by adopting the traditional method. You can backup the OTG by putting it in the direct phone and then if needed, you can also put it on the laptop.

Are other options cheaper than this?

Talking about the other option of Google Photos, you will still get many cloud storage. But as far as we have compared, on other cloud storage also you will have to pay more or equal to Google Cloud.

However, other cloud services get some free space such as up to 5GB of space. But keeping your 5-5GB of data on different cloud storage will also not be right for you.

Talking from a privacy perspective, the data stored in a pen drive or any physical drive is more secure than the cloud. Because hackers can hack cloud storage, hackers will not be able to hack the pen drive lying in your pocket.

Final Words:

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