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Google has a new security update. This security update has been updated to protect Google users’ accounts. New security updates will protect users’ passwords from being hacked. Prior to Google, the two-factor authentication feature was also released for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Google’s new security update will keep users’ personal information completely secure. Google claims that no hacker can break this security.

Google has released a new security update from November 9. After this security, you’ll need to use two-spot verification (2-Step Verification) to login to your Google Account.

In a new security feature, Google has introduced two-factor authentication protection. Due to the two-factor authentication, users will receive a password as well as a security code in their mobile and e-mail to keep their account secure, which can be used immediately after logging in to their account.

The Google Chrome browser security feature also lets you know how secure your account password is. Find out how many times a user’s set password has been used?

This special feature of Facebook will save your time! Learn how to use it

This security feature also lets users know if their passwords have been hacked.

Facebook’s new feature
Last year, Facebook added a new feature to the app, known as Quiet Mode. The feature of this feature is that it allows users to easily manage their time. Using this feature, users can mute all Facebook notifications at once.

In fact, when this feature is enabled, push notifications on Facebook are muted. If users want, they can set the time to keep the Facebook Quiet Mode feature on.

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