How iPhone 13 Pro Max can make you the perfect Diwali photographer | How iPhone 13 Pro Max can make you the perfect Diwali photographer

Bhaskar Hindi

Digital Office, New Delhi. The all-new Cinema Mode and Night Mode on iPhone 13 Pro Max are designed to make photos and videos even more exciting. With Cinema Mode, the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera can record video and add beautiful focus transitions for a cinematic look. And the camera turns on the night mode automatically in low light.

According to artist Gursmaran Basra, to take beautiful photos in low light, it is very important to hold your iPhone in order to get maximum clarity from the phone.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s ultra-wide camera lens captures more detail by capturing more light in low-light conditions. Photographer Anurag Banerjee said that the sturdier the camera, the better the photo in night mode. When you take a photo in Night Mode, a number appears next to the Night Mode icon indicating how long the shot will take.

To experience night mode photos for a longer time, tap the night mode icon. Then use the slider above the shutter button to choose the maximum time, which increases the capture time. Experts have said that the three lenses in the iPhone 13 Pro Max help take better, noise-free and noise-free photos.

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