How to Check Battery Percentage of Previous Time in Mobile ?

How to Check Battery Percentage of Previous Time in Mobile ?

Do you want to check What’s your Battery Parentage Before 1 hr you Charged your phone ? Then you come at the perfect place, in this article I will Tell you How to Check Battery Percentage of Previous Time in Mobile or How to check what’s your mobile battery was charged before 1 hour you plug out your mobile from charger?

You Can do This Only if your phone has a Battery Noter App Installed, If not then possible you cannot check your previous hour battery percentage. Now let’s see How to Setup that app and Check the same.

How to Check Battery Percentage of Previous Time in Mobile :

For Doing It, just follow the below steps :

  1. Open Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Search “Battery Percentage Noter” App, and Install the First app.
  3. After Installation, Just Launch the App.
  4. It will ask you to give Some Permissions, Simply give them. (You can Simply Uninstall the App, After you have Tacked the Measurements.)
  5. Then you don’t have to do anything, this app with Recored the Battery Percentage Every Hour, and You can See.

And this is how you can note your Battery Percentage with this app, Now let’s see How you can Save your Battery Life. For Every phone their, is a Little Bit different method, in this article you will how you can Save your Samsung Phone, Battery Life.

How to Save Your Samsung Phone Battery Life :

Uninstall Unwanted Apps From Your Phone

Sometimes, their are Lot’s of Blot wares and Others apps present in your phone, which you never use. These Apps Indirectly Causes the Decrease in your Battery Life. So Uninstall them Today !

Off the Data, when Not In Use

If your phone’s data is On For All day, then it also not good for your personal security, May be someone of your Enemy can Access your Phone, in that Time. So Always Turn Off your data when you’re not using your Phone. This definitely helps to Boost in the Battery Life.

Don’t Charger your Phone to 100%

The Best Recommended Battery Percentage by many Others, and Experts is 80-90%. As if you charge your Phone to 100%, it works for (Say) 2 Hrs, but on the other hand, a 80-90% Charge phone can Survive for 2:30-3:00 Hrs, which is the very Huge Difference. So don’t overcharge or Fully charge your phone.

With This, we wind up with the Article, hope you Enjoy these Battery Tips and Tricks.

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