Start a small journey with us! We are here to help you in How to check 5G Support in TV ?

You must have to consider that your TV is connecting with WIFI 5G or not. Because it will show you about your TV whether supporting 5G or not. To ensure it follow the following steps.

How to check 5G Support in TV ?

  • First of all see that you TV detects any WIFI.
  • Note that WIFI connecting is the easiest and simplest way but only in the situation when you have your wireless name (SSID) and password.
  • Then navigate to the settings > General > Network > Network Setting > Wireless. When you reach at wireless stage then check your network 5G is listed in the list or not.
  • If you see that you’re network is not listed But other networks are listed. Don’t worry!
  • Because other network show that your wireless card is working in the TV.

In some cases this network name may be at the end of your router or device. And If you don’t know your network address or name or password. You must have to contact with Internet Service Provider to attain the required data.

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See Your Network May Be Hidden:

Due to security reasons, it may be hidden but you can enter into the name of that network and connect it. May be you can connect it easily through this step.

Ensure That Whether WIFI Is Compatible With TV:

There may be a possibility of variation in the network requirements of TV and listed in the user manual. If there is any variation then it will not be connected with TV.

If you have found your TV is able to connect with WIFI 5G Support but not connected. Follow the following step;

Disconnected Other Device Connected With WiFi:

  • First of all check your network, how many devices ate connected with this wifi.
  • If these are more than  2 or 3 then it must be disconnected for 1st time compatibility.
  • Disconnect all these devices and try to connect TV with WiFi, this time it will be connect.

You must have reached at the point that you TV is supporting 5G.

If still not connected then call to Support Centre or Internet Service Provider.


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