How to Delete A Page in Google Docs
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Because the service is extremely easy to access, Google Docs is a popular choice for text editors. It is easy to learn and allows you to write documents from anywhere in the world. However, many users want to know how the service actually works. We often want to know how to delete unwanted pages in Google Docs. Although most services are very simple and optimized, things like deleting pages may seem difficult at first. Since Google Docs automatically creates a new page as you type, there may be unwanted blank pages in your project. In this article we See How to Delete A Page in Google Docs, and You Successfully Able to Delete it also.

There are four ways to do it.

How to Delete A Page in Google Docs :-

Option 1. Just click “Delete”

The first method seems simple, but you will be surprised how many people don’t try it. Therefore, before trying more complicated operations, just hover your mouse over the end of the text on the previous page and click Delete. In some cases, this will work perfectly. Sometimes you can just select a blank page and delete it.

Option 2. Use custom interval

Go to Format>Line Spacing>Custom Spacing. Here we see the line spacing after the paragraph. By telling the document to place a specific gap after the paragraph, you can create an unwanted new page at the end of the document. If this value is greater than zero, try resetting it to zero and see if your space has been deleted.

Option 3. Remove page breaks

Another thing you or others might accidentally do is insert page breaks in the document. In this case, you can try to delete the page, but it will not be very successful. I need to delete the page break to get rid of that extra page.

Option 4. Adjust the margins.

Finally, sometimes you can set and adjust the margins. You need to go to “File”> “Page Setup” to adjust the margins. Usually, the problem is that the page tries to insert a field that is too large at the bottom. Shorten it, and you again have the correct number of pages in the document.


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