How to enable WhatsApp on a secondary device without leaving your phone online



New Delhi. How to connect WhatsApp account with other devices if your smartphone is not connected to internet (How to enable WhatsApp on secondary devices)? If you want to use WhatsApp on your phone as well as any other device, you can. However, the new feature gives you the freedom to keep receiving WhatsApp messages on your desktop even if your smartphone is not connected to the Internet. This has not happened before. Until now, if your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, no messages can be found on the secondary device.

With this feature of WhatsApp, it is a great feature for those who use an account on multiple devices. WhatsApp is bringing this feature for both Android and iOS. This feature has been introduced in some smartphones and will be introduced soon in some.

Last to last encrypted chat
After a long period of internal testing, the company launched the film in July. Users can now access their accounts simultaneously on a secondary device such as a PC, laptop or Facebook portal. Chats on other devices will also be end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption means no third party can read or view your message.

The biggest feature of this feature of WhatsApp is that even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet, you can use WhatsApp on other devices without any hindrance. Even if your smartphone runs out of battery, WhatsApp will continue to work on other devices.

How to link a WhatsApp account on a secondary device
To use this feature, you must first confirm that you have the latest version of WhatsApp. In the latest version, the option to connect to a secondary device is provided. Because this feature is currently only in beta, it may not work on your device. If you have a beta version of your device, you can use it, otherwise you may have to wait a while. Also, so far this feature is only available on WhatsApp web, desktop and portal. This means that you can’t add any Android phone or iPhone other than your smartphone as a secondary device. Here’s how you can enable this feature:

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings. From Settings, click Linked Devices and under Multi Device Beater. (WhatsApp and then Settings> Linked Devices> Multi-Device Beta).
  2. Then, go back to the linked device and click ‘Link a device’.
  3. You need to scan the QR code, which will be on your secondary device. After scanning, you will be able to connect your secondary device.

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