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How to Make Money online in Top 3 Ways | Tech Reveals

We all want to earn some extra money for our livings. Some of have Job and Some of are Unemployed. Both types of person, i.e., Employed and Unemployed want to earn more money. A Employed person want to earn extra for extra investments and a Unemployed person want to earn for livings. In this article I’ll tell you how you can earn money in Top 3 Ways, these are very effictive ways. You will definately going to make money very fast.

How To Make Money Online :-

1. Blogging

Blogging is not very easy to do as you think. But in Actual it is Just a Very Easy process in which you can make money online in less time. Blogging Just requires 2 skills to be developed, i.e., SEO Friendly Article Writing and Search Engine Optimization for your Site. If you know this 2 skills then no one is going to stop your online money in very less time. You can try learning these skills from YouTube or other platforms.

How can We Do Blogging : For Doing this you have basically 2 ways,

  1. By : You can Just Search Blogger on Google and Click the First Link. And then login with your account and Setup your Account Information. And You are all Set For Writing Articles on your BlogSpot, you don’t need to pay a single amount. It is all Free of Cost, And when you have good amount of visitors you can make money with google AdSense. (“For Making An Account You Have To Watch YouTube Videos and Understand the SEO Concept Properly and Also the Blogger Settings, It is very important factor of your blog to rank on google)
  2. By Making Your own site : In this way you have to pay for buying your domain and Hosting service. I will recommended you to Go Firstly with and If you can good amount of traffic and make Good amount of money with that, then you can buy Hosting and Domain and Setup your Site.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are having a good friend circle, then you can earn very easily by sharing Links to your Groups or in Websites. This is the Most Easy Way to Earn Online, It does not requires any specific skills. You Just have your good friend circle. I personally like this method very much, I make 70 times more then my Website income, via Affiliate Marketing. If you don’t have good friend circle like me, then you just have to know some basic SEO for your product to rank on google and Users can buy it from your site. If a User buys from your link then you earns a specific amount of commission from different platforms, where you are affiliating links.

What Are The Platforms for Affiliate Marketing ? – There are lots of platfotms for affiliate marketing, but some of the most populars are :

  1. Reseller Club.
  2. Flipkart Affiliate.
  3. Amazon Associates.
  4. vCommission.
  5. BigRock Affiliate.
  6. DGM India.
  7. Yatra Affiliate.
  8. Admitad.

3. Freelancing

By doing you can earn lots of money, but not immidiately you have to wait much for earn some, but if you Earn for 1st time then no one is going to stop you to Earn More Amount. In Freelancing You Required 1 Professional Plus Skill in you. It can be any, ex. Data Entry, Web Development, etc.

Top 3 Freelancing Platforms in India :-


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