How to Recover Contacts on Samsung Galaxy F62

How to Recover Contacts on Samsung Galaxy F62

Have you deleted your contacts from your galaxy F62, and Looking for a Solution to recover them ? Then you are at the Right spot. In this article, I will tell you How To Recover Contacts on Samsung Galaxy F62 Very Easily in Just Few Steps.

Before we dive into our main topic, let’s see how you can backup your whole phone, so that in these situations, you can backup your files and folders.

To Backup a Phone Follow These Steps :

  1. Open Settings in Your Phone.
  2. Then Find Additional Settings, and Click on It.
  3. Then Click Back Up and Reset Option their.
  4. First, Choose your Backup Account.
  5. Then Click Backup and Restore Button, to take a Monthly or Weekly Backup of your device in the Google Drive.

Note : There are 2 Options Available in the Backup, Local Backup and Cloud Backup. In Local Backup you have to Store your Files in your PC or Pen-drive, on the Other side, in Cloud Backup your Files are Stored in Google Drive or Whatever Cloud Service your phone is giving.

Also, while taking a Cloud backup, may be you have to invest your net. So we always recommend you to take Local Backup in your PC or Drive.

This Backup you are Required to Take on a Monthly Basis, if your Data is Really Important. I Usually take backup in Every 3-4 Months, as My Data is Not So Important.

Now Let’s See Our Main Topic on How you can Recover your Contacts from your Galaxy F62.

How to Recover Contacts on Samsung Galaxy F62

Recovering Contacts is only possible, if you have attached your Google Account with the Phone. If you haven’t then also it is Possible, but you have to go to the Samsung Company.

Steps To Recover your Contacts on Samsung F62 :

  1. Open Contacts App.
  2. Click on 3 Dots on the Right Side of the Phone.
  3. Click Backup and Restore Option.
  4. Select your Google Account, on which you have Taked the Backup.
  5. Then Click Import Export Button.
  6. Then It will Show the List of the contacts, Simply Import them, and You’re done !

After Following these 6 Simple Steps you can Recover your Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy F62.

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