How To Transfer Money From US To India Through Google Pay?

How To Transfer Money From US To India Through Google Pay?
How To Transfer Money From US To India Through Google Pay?

Want to transfer money from us to India OK!

In the past, Google has united with western union and wise to start the new service through the Google pay application. Those who are the users of Google pay in United State are now able to send money from us to India easily.

Still you don’t know about Google pay? OK! Let’s start journey with Teach reveal in to send payment to your Loving’s from us to India via Google pay. Google pay: Google pay is an online payment platform that is developed by Google to power-in-app and enabling users to send money or payments. Google pay has revealed its one best feature that is you can use any NFC enabled online device to make your payments. Even you can use your phone to send money.

How the Google Pay Feature will work? If you want to send money internationally, first of all, the sender has to search for Google pay user. Those users to whom they want to send money. From this stage, the user needs to follow the given steps to complete payment.

How To Transfer Money From US To India Through Google Pay?

1. When you found the desired contact then you must have to click on the “Pay” option.

2. This payment method automatically enlighten you with an option to choose western union or wise.

3. After this, a continue button will Glow in front of you.

4. Before clicking the continued check the entered amount is correct.

5. With this amount that is seen on the screen, the recipient will receive this money.

6. Tap on the Continue button.

7. Now, choose the method through which the recipient will receive money whether up! Or via cash pickup.

8. After selection of this, money will be sent to receiver.

Google plans to expand their money transfer service through Google pay app to more than 200 countries via the western union. In addition more than 80 countries through wise.

Note: In one of the blog post, Google said that western union will offer free unlimited transfer in the upcoming days. This offer will be only available for Google pay users. Moreover, wise will provide an offer for their first-time customers or users. They will be able to transfer free their first payment up to $500(Rs. 36,627 in Indian rupees). Google is also jumping into the huge remittance market and will touch to the sky in the future.


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