Huawei is Investing $1 Billion Dollars on Smart Car Technology in 2021 | Latest Tech News


Media reports said that Chinese technology giant Huawei, which is pushing to grow its portfolio to boost business, will invest $ 1 billion in smart car technologies in 2021.

The Company after Investment is Focusing on building components for smart vehicles, including SP (Software Platforms ) for self-driving cars, CGTN quoted Huawei’s rotating president Eric Xu on Tuesday Reported.

In the Huawei’s 18th Global Analyst Summit, Xu Said that Huawei will strengthen its software capabilities and invest more in businesses that rely less on advanced process technologies, as well as for intelligent vehicles. Even in components.

Huawei Faced some Problems Last Year as a Claims imposed by United State with affected its Smartphones business and Increased inspection of its 5G technologies.

Xu said Huawei will maximize 5G value and define 5.5G with industry peers to drive the growth of mobile communications and innovate to reduce energy consumption for a low-carbon world.

“Rebuilding and restoring cooperation in the world semiconductor supply chain is critical to getting the industry back on track,” Xu said.

Huawei’s rotating chairman predicted that many of the challenges facing the world today will continue for some time to come.

The Xu Said that we will continue to find Huawei in complex and Un-stable global environment.

“The resurgence and geopolitical uncertainty of Kovid-19 will present ongoing challenges for every organization, business and country.” – Huawei Official Quote



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