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New Delhi. Smartphones have now become an important part of our lives. Calling others by phone is now a very small task. At present the use of phone is internet usage, online shopping, food ordering, payment as well as many other purposes. So we can’t separate it from ourselves even if we want to. And every person has to change his smartphone after about 2 to 3 years. Many times due to lack of updated security, many times due to falling phone or very low battery of the phone.

To update the phone, we have to pay a hefty price. The better the features of the phone, the higher the price. It often happens that we can’t get our favorite smartphone because we don’t have the money to buy it. So for some time now Reformed smartphone There has been a trend. Reformed phones are not new, but they are almost new. These smartphones are cheaper than the new smartphones. Smartphones with a good brand of premium features are also available very cheaply. This is why people want to buy a new smartphone. But should you buy a smartphone just by looking at the price? No. If you are planning to buy a refurbished smartphone, you must look at this information-

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What to look for before buying a refurbished smartphone

Note the factory setting
If you bought a refurbished smart phone, you should first check if it is a factory reset. If its settings are not factory reset, it means the phone has not been properly restored and renewed. And not being repaired properly means the phone can be damaged at any time. If the phone is not repaired properly, you can return it, as each repaired item comes with the option to return within 10 days.

Do not use the phone without warranty
The warranty comes with a reformed smartphone. Because reformed smartphones have had problems in the past, they are likely to have problems in the future as well. So you should take special care of the warranty. If there is no warranty then you will be responsible for any error not the seller of the phone. If the smartphone does not come with a long-term guarantee, think carefully before buying it.

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Check the quality of the accessories
It is also important that the accessories that come with the smartphone you are buying are genuine. If you use fake accessories, your phone will not give the performance you like or it will not last long. For example, if a fake charger comes with your refurbished smartphone, of course the battery can be depleted very quickly. After delivery of the smartphone, if you find out that its accessories are fake, you can return them.

Problem if not valid bill
You need to get the original or a valid bill from that seller and get a guarantee from him that if any problem arises tomorrow it will be available to him. If there is any mistake, he will correct it. Repairs can be a problem if you do not have a valid bill.

There is no benefit with the old model
A lot of times it happens that some smartphones do not support with old and new operating systems. So if you are planning to take a refurbished device of the old model, check that the phone is not updated. If this happens you will stay away from new security updates and this is tantamount to compromising security.

The price of smartphones is decreasing
The low price is the biggest reason to buy a reformed smartphone. How low the price of the device should be so that it does not look heavy. If there is not much difference between the price of a new smartphone and the price of a refined smartphone, then it is better to buy a new smartphone.

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