Lasuney T20 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Lasuney T20 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Their are lot’s of companies which offers Earbuds, Earphones, or Say (Audio Devices), and Lasuney is One of them. It is popular company in US, UK, Not in worldwide. In this article we will do a Review of One Of Lasuney’s product, That is Lasuney T20 True Wireless Earbuds Review.

So as Always, we divide our Review part, in different parts, Like The Design, Audio Quality, Battery, Performance, and Features Available. We First See It’s Specifications, Then move on to Review and Pros & Cons Part.

Lasuney T20 TWS Specifications :

Lasuney T20 TWS Specifications

General Specifications

ModelLasuney T20
Dimensions4.09 x 4.02 x 1.65 inches
Weight3.52 ounces
Colors AvailableBlack & White
Price$ 24.99
Release Date & StatusJune 10 2021, Available

Technical Specifications

Speaker13 Ohms
Charging Time5-6 Hrs
Playback Time35 Hrs
MicAvailable (2)
Bluetooth VersionV 5.0

Lasuney T20 TWS Features :

Lasuney T20 TWS Features

These Earbuds by Lasuney is having some Amazing, which we discuss 1 by 1 in the List Form Below ;

  1. No Master Slave Restriction : According to the Company, if you wear these Buds only in your 1 Ear, then It automatically Closes the Other One, and Maintained Proper Sound Balance in the Single Ear.
  2. Ergonomic Design : These Buds, will properly fits in your Ears. You don’t have to Apply any Extra Pressure while wearing these Buds.
  3. Having Latest Bluetooth V 5.0 Available : They takes less then 2 Seconds, to pair with your device. And the Most amazing thing, that you have to pair, both buds manually 1 by 1 with your device.
  4. 1 Click Manipulation : You can Control these With Just a Single Click, which you have to Set on Official Lasuney Application on Android or IOS.
  5. Long Battery Life : Amazing Charging time, with Great Battery Life. You have to Charge them for 5-6 Hrs, and they Supports you for 35+ Hrs, which is Just awesome.

Lasuney T20 True Wireless Earbuds Review :

Now, we comed on our Main Topic to Review these Buds. We have Not Tested The Earbuds Manually, But According to the Specifications and Looks, We are Reviewing These.


Lasuney T20 Design

The Design Looks Pretty well in this Buds, Having same Design like apple Air Pods 😉, you can Showoff with your Friends, Family. The Body Material Used is Poly Carbonate, and Having Metallic Design in the Speaker Part. The Durability is Average, as It can Get Scratches, even After Normal Day Use.

Audio Quality

With The 13mm Audio Driver, and Super Bass, these Buds Give the Decent Audio Experience. Although I cannot say that These Give Best or Super Audio Quality, But according to Price we can digest It’s Audio Quality.


Almost 2 Days Battery Life, with Minimum charging of Only 5-6 Hrs, is the Best Feature I like in these Buds. You can Buy this, If you are Looking for a Best Battery Earbuds in Low Price.


The Performance Section Includes, the Connectivity, Responses, Etc., And According to Many Reviews I Found that these Earbuds are Best in this Section as well.


The Features are Minimum, that We have Already Discussed Above. You can Read them Again, if you Want.

So Here we End up With Our Review. You can Buy these Buds, if you Like From the Below Link.

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