Lenovo retains leadership in the global PC market in the third quarter; Apple is in second place | Lenovo retains leadership in the global PC market in the third quarter

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Digital Office, New Delhi. Lenovo maintained its leadership in the overall PC market (including desktops, laptops, and tablets) globally. The company’s market share increased more than 1 percent and shipped 24.4 million units in the third quarter. This information is presented in the new report. Apple came in second with a marginal 5 percent increase in total shipments of 23 million units.

According to the latest data from market research from Canalys, HP has felt the impact of supply constraints, with annual shipments down 6 percent and in fourth place, Dell saw a 27 percent increase in shipments and a market share of nearly 3 percent. An increase was observed.

Samsung completed the top five, as it did in the second quarter of 2021. Worldwide shipments of personal computers (including tablets) fell 2 percent (year-on-year) to 122.1 million units. However, shipments are well above pre-pandemic levels with a two-year compound annual growth rate of 10 percent from the third quarter of 2019.

Hemani Moka, an analyst at Canalys, said that despite the end of an impressive growth streak, the tablet market remains strong, given the prolonged period of pre-pandemic declines. After five consecutive growth quarters, all regions except the Asia Pacific region experienced a decline in shipments.

It’s also worth noting, Moka said, that despite the tablets’ longer refresh cycles, the install base has grown over the past 18 months. Although many people choose not to upgrade their tablets in the coming years, shipment volumes are set to rise above expectations before 2020. Both the tablet and Chromebook were at the bottom of the rankings after a series of back-to-back quarterly growth.

Tablet shipments fell 15 percent (y/y) to 37.7 million units, as the need for tablets to support consumer and education use cases declined in most regions. Chromebooks suffered an even bigger drop, with shipments down 37%, mainly due to slowing US education spending.

Chromebook shipments totaled 5.8 million units in the third quarter. Samsung took second place despite dropping 20 percent, as the company shipped 7.2 million units in the third quarter. The Chromebook market took a hit, with shipments down 37 percent year over year (52 percent quarter over quarter) in the third quarter. Brian Lynch, Canalys Research analyst, said Chrome’s focus on the education market meant it was bound to slow down at some point.


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