LinkedIn Data Leaked : More then 500 Million Users Compromised

LinkedIn Data Leaked
LinkedIn Data Leaked

A few days ago, data of more than 53 crore people was leaked from Facebook. This time the data leak has happened from the job hunt site Linkedin. According to the report, data of more than 500 million LinkedIn users has been leaked.

According to CyberNews, the data of more than 500 million people of Linkedin is available on the dark web. This data includes the LinkedIn ID of users, full name, e-mail address, phone number, gender, work related data linked to other social media profiles. It is not clear in the report whether this data has an updated Linkedin profile or includes only the profiles of previous data leaks.

LinkedIn Data Leaked

On this data breech, Linkedin has said that this data leak contains all the information that is publicly viewable. Members trust LinkedIn because of this they will take action to maintain trust.

According to Linkedin, after examining the data kept on the cell, it found that many data has also been taken from other websites and companies. It also includes data from LinkedIn in the public viewable. It does not include the data of any LinkedIn private member.

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For the safety of our members and against those who misuse the data, we will take strong action. Microsoft on site LinkedIn said that they will not allow any terms of service to be violated.

LinkedIn Data Leaked : What does this Data Includes ?

In the Italian privacy watchdog, Linkedin has started to invest in data breach. He told Bloomberg that he is investigating the matter. In it, they will see which users’ data has been leaked. This leak includes ID, flower name, email address, etc.

According to CyberNews, cyber criminals can take advantage of this data. With its help, they can make users a victim of fishing. This data includes 500 million emails. To avoid this, users have been asked to change the account and password associated with Linkedin.



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