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How Much Net Needed For WhatsApp Call ?

You listen to a lot of time with that word “WhatsApp”. But You know that with WhatsApp you can make WhatsApp Call and video calls very easily without much headache.

But the question arises Whether WhatsApp uses a lot of data for its voice or video calling services???

According to a report by the WhatsApp authority, it consumes 740KB/Minute over a voice call.

But Is this the same with the video call? 

No, it does not use the same amount of data with a video call.

COAI(Cellular Operators Association of India) has also suggested that internet usage be reduced to free up bandwidth for important services.

What you need for WhatsApp Call

  1. All you have to need a smartphone that is compatible with installing WhatsApp in your operating system.
  2. And a Proper internet connection for calling anyone via WhatsApp.

It works in a 2G or 3G connection also but it will cut out / break the voice in a poor connection.

Effect of Network Quality Over Calling Via WhatsApp

It doesn’t matter which network you are using whether it is mobile data or may Wi-Fi, WhatsApp will always allow you to make a call.

But these are the advantages of these calls, which will be open to everyone with a smartphone running the appropriate/compatible operating system.

Sometimes when you are in a low-quality network area or very poor network signal then this can affect your calling facility.

In my experience, it will cut out voice when you are in a low network area.

But it also depends on both party’s network.

Data That Used In WhatsApp Call?

In WhatsApp we can call in two different ways:- “Voice Call” and “Video Call” and it’s not to be free it requires internet connectivity.

Data Usage List For Voice Call 

  • For 2G Network- It consumes around 300kb / Minute.
  • For 3G Network- It takes 700kb / Minutes.
  • For 4G Network- It consumes around 1Mb / Minute.

Data Usage List For Video Call 

  • For 2G Network- Around 1Mb to 1.5 Mb.
  • For 3G Network- Around 1.5Mb to 2.5 Mb.
  • For 4G Network- Around 3Mb to 5 Mb.

How To check the Data Usage of your Calling

  • Go the WhatsApp.
  • On WhatsApp Click on the calls options, Next to the status option. Here you will see your calling history.
  • Click on the anyone call 

The above picture shows the data consumed in voice calling in 4G Network.

How To Reduce Data Usage While Calling

The following are the steps for reducing the data usage while voice call or video call in WhatsApp.

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the three-dot icons in the upper section of the app.
  2. Go to setting and tap on Data and Storage Usage option.
  3. Here you will find the low data usage under the call setting option, turn this option ON.

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