New Security Feature of Google, will Not Allow Apps to Track Users data Freely

New Security Feature of Google
New Security Feature of Google

Big news for Android users, after this security feature of Google, apps will not be able to track any data of their own free. Google is soon to introduce a feature in the Play Store so that users will be able to easily know which app is collecting their data.

Apple has recently updated iOS 14.5 to its users, which has given many amazing security features and users can easily know which user’s data is being taken by any app. In addition, they can also prevent the app from tracking data. In this link, the Google app has also announced to add a new feature in which users will be able to know which data their apps are collecting or using.

This feature will be launched in the second quarter of 2022. Google will ask new app submissions and app update developers to include information about the kind of data the app collects, how it is stored and how it is used.

Collecting personal information will give information

The New Security Feature of Google : Google will ask developers what type of data has been collected, including users’ exit locations, contacts, personal information (name, email address), photos and videos, audio files and storage files, etc. The company will take information about how this data is being stored. It will also ask developers how the data is used, including things like app functionality and personalization.

Suzanne Frei, vice president of product affairs at Android Security and Privacy, said in a statement, similar to app details such as screenshots and descriptions, developers are responsible for the information disclosed in their sections. Google Play will introduce a policy, for which developers will have to provide accurate information.

Apps that do not follow the rules will be processed

Apps that do not follow the rules will be processed

He said, if we come to know that a developer has misrepresented the data provided by them and the policy is being violated, then we will need the developer to fix it. Applications that do not comply will be subject to policy enforcement.

Google said that it will introduce new elements to highlight whether the app has security practices such as data encryption. The company also said that all apps on Google Play, including Google’s own apps, would be required to share this information and provide a privacy policy. Google further said that in the future, we will continue to provide new ways to make control easier for users and automate more work for developers.



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