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New Delhi. Tesla India has placed an order for the purchase of a portable inverter in bulk from a Noida-based startup. These inverters can be used for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This is Tesla’s first major deal of its kind before launching the car in India.

Oxy Neuron India Pvt Ltd says it has received the first order of ‘Magic Box Smart Inverter’ from Tesla India. This magic box inverter starts from Rs 25,000 and comes in three models There are three models – 1KW, 2KW and 3KW units. The company claims, they give almost double the battery backup. The company’s Startup Innovation and Incubation Center (SIIC) is located at IIT Kanpur.

Ashutosh Verma, founder of Oxy Neuron India, said that he received the first order for Magic Box Inverter from Tesla India. He praised the Indian government’s plan to help startups and said that such initiatives are good for many startups like him. Now they can do better.

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Inverter powered from mobile
Ashutosh Verma said his inverter could solve the problem of power backup in rural India. These inverters are Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which can be operated from a mobile application. These inverters come with a 15 year battery life and a 5 year replacement guarantee. Now you can understand why Tesla India would have chosen Oxy Neuron.

Bikash Prakash of SIIC, IIT Kanpur said that he is very happy to be a part of such an innovation. This innovation is ready to usher in a new era for rural India.
In collaboration with Axalta India, Oxy Neuron India has successfully developed genuine medical and agricultural products based on solar, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. After Tesla comes to India, local manufacturers will get a lot of help, because Tesla will need a local company for a lot of things.

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What the average said
Last month, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said the government had offered Elon Musk to come to India and build an electric car in India. The government will provide all kinds of assistance to the company. “I told Tesla not to sell Chinese-made electronic cars in India,” Gadkari told India Today’s Conclave. You should make electric cars in our country and export cars from India here.

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