The good news for WhatsApp users is that the primary phone can now link up to 4 devices at once without the active internet on aaaq



WhatsApp is always testing new features to give its users the best experience. Now WhatsApp will soon come up with a new feature for its users. Let me tell you that now users don’t have to be online on their smartphones to link WhatsApp to any device. This means that Android and iOS users will now be able to use the multi-device feature in WhatsApp. It is known that till now users used to link their smartphone with their desktop and keep their smartphone online.

But now WhatsApp will allow its users to link devices online without the need for an initial smartphone. This feature is currently in beta: According to the company, the new feature of connecting devices other than the initial smartphone is also in beta, an opt-in feature that can be added to linked devices. Settings menu on WhatsApp. Alternatively labeled as ‘beta’.

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If you enable this option, you will be unlinked from all devices When you make a new link, you can use it as before. You will not need a smartphone to login, which is why some things will be different.

Under the new feature, when you use WhatsApp Web, you don’t have to keep your smartphone near the laptop. If you do not log out manually, the linked device will be able to receive and send messages for up to 14 days.

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There are many benefits to this.
This feature will have many advantages such as if you lose your smartphone you will not need your phone to connect WhatsApp to your system. Currently in the iOS version of the app, you cannot delete messages from the linked device. You cannot link a secondary smartphone or tablet with the primary device.

You can only link your primary smartphone to the laptop. Let me tell you that this rule is only for iOS users. Android users can link their device to a secondary smartphone.

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