Top 5 Best Themes for MIUI 12 – Xiaomi/Redmi Devices

Themes For MIUI 12
Themes For MIUI 12

Xiaomi released the last special version of Android in May 2019, and although MIUI 12 is the latest updated version, it is already available on various phones around the world. There are many themes in MIUI 12, So we have selected 5 Best Themes for MIUI 12 devices.

However, MIUI 12 introduces many new features, a simpler user interface, new gesture controls, new updates, and bug fixes. MIUI 12 was originally available on select Xiaomi phones in China but was later available on most devices around the world.

If you have a Redmi, Poco, or Mi phone, you can immediately enjoy the most popular MIUI 12 Android skin on your device.

List of Best MIUI 12 Themes –

  1. iOSBoSe V12 

            iosBoSe V12 Theme MTZ File

  • Colorful Place

            Colorful Place MIUI Theme MTZ File

  • KhalifaLineUi (Blue Accent) – 
           KhalifaLineUi (Blue Accent) MIUI Theme MTZ File
  • PROJECT [Aurora]

            PROJECT [Aurora] MIUI Theme MTZ File

  • Morphing v12

            Morphing v12 MIUI Theme MTZ File

How to Install MIUI 12 Themes – 

If you have a special MIUI 12 ROM, you can easily install the MIUI 12 theme without having to download this application. Set up the theme by following the instructions below –

  • Download the MIUI 12 mtz theme file.
  • Launch the Theme Store application.
  • Choose the Themes from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down and you will see the Import option. Pick it by clicking on it.
  • Locate the MIUI 12 mtz file using the file manager.
  • Wait till it imports the theme.
  • Now, to apply the theme, click on it.

How to apply MIUI Themes Using MIUI Theme Editor –

  1. From the above, download the mtz theme file.
  2. Then Download the MIUI Theme editor from the Google Play Store – MIUI Theme editor.
  3. Launch the MIUI Theme Editor application.
  4. Now, click the Browse option and navigate to the Third Party Theme mtz file.
  5. Choose the Start option.
  6. Choose the Next option.
  7. Now click the Finish button.
  8. A notification will appear instructing you to install the theme. Choose the Install option.
  9. The theme was successfully set. Now, browse the theme store and you will see that the third theme you have created is now available. Click on it and apply.


After applying the theme restart your phone so that you can see the complete changes.

Hope you enjoyed the best MIUI 12 Theme On your Devices.


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