Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features to Use Like a Pro

Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features

Launched in September 2021, Samsung Galaxy M52 5G phone is quite popular in India at present. In the mid-range category, some excellent features in this phone generally remain unexplored because of lack of time. But don’t worry, we have made a list of Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features and how to access them in easy steps.

The List of Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features to Use like a Pro are Listed Below

Automatic Call Recording Without Announcement

Many phones nowadays say loud before starting the call recording like ” You call is being recorded”. And this announcement is audible to both parties on the call. But Samsung Galaxy M52 5G phone has the feature of auto recording call, and the best deal is no announcement before recording. Moreover, you can choose some particular numbers for which auto-recording will be applicable. It is the Most amazing features in the list of Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features.

Secure Folder

This doesn’t exactly hide an app but creates a dual of that particular app, secured in this secure folder and accessed only after entering the right password or pattern.

Quick Switch in Secure Folder

As we have already said, that secure folder creates a dual of any app. So, you can switch to the regular app from the dual secured one just by pressing the power button twice. For this, you will have to turn on the quick switch facility in settings.

Content Suggestions

According to the previously secured content, the phone will suggest you secure a similar type of content. For example, you secure some photos of a particular person, and after some time, you click pictures of the same person then, your phone will suggest you secure the new images.

Floating Windows

You can go to recent apps and touch the app’s icon which you want to be in floating windows and choose the option. You can customize its size by pushing and pulling the edge of the window. You can do this to multiple apps.

Brightness Control on Top

For enabling this, scroll down the notification panel and touch the three dots on the right-hand side. It will lead you to a quick panel layout. And there, the first one is to show brightness control above notification, enable that, and you are good to go.

Notification History

Another exciting feature of this phone is you can save the notification history. For this, you have to scroll down the notification panel. Then touch the three dots on the right-hand side. Go to the status bar, and from there, go to notification history and on that. This will save the history of all the notifications you will get.

Dark Mode

You can enable dark mode by scrolling the notification panel down and then swipe left, and you will find dark mode with an icon of the moon there. The dark mode is preferred by many because it is soothing to the eyes.

Dolby Atmos and Equalizer

When you go to the sound and effects section, you will find Dolby Atmos, but it is only accessible when using earphones. And Equalizer can be used for everyday use too.

Gesture Navigation

In the display section, you will find a navigation bar, and there you will find the option of the swipe gesture.

Galaxy Theme Store

You will find AODs on the right-hand side, and you can also download many good free AODs and use it.

Lockdown Mode

When you go to lock screen the section of settings, you will find secure lock settings. Inside secure lock settings, you will find the show lockdown option. After that, when you go to the power menu, you will find the extra option of lockdown mode. It will stop working of finger sensor, face unlock and not show any notification too.

Customizable Lock Screen

You can choose a notification to be shown on the lock screen. You can show any contact information related to you on the lock screen too. You can choose and change shortcuts available on the lock screen also.

Find My Device

When you go to the Biometric and security section of Settings, you will find the “Find my phone” option”, which must be enabled. You can check the location of your phone if you lost it by chance. Because after enabling this feature, your phone will automatically keep sharing its location on the Samsung server from time to time.

Connect to Different Devices

In the advanced features section of settings, you will find this feature with many features through which you can control other devices’ access to your phone’s data. You can see your phone’s detailed data on other devices through different options.

Motion and Gesture

It will analyze your body gestures and motion, and it will not get locked as long as your body seems active towards the phone. You can screenshot by palm swipe. You can scroll down or up the notification panel by moving your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

Top 30 Samsung Galaxy M52 Features

Long Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of a long page or webpage which is more than a screen length. You can do that too on this phone. On capturing a typical screenshot, you will find a toolbar on the bottom of the screen. And the first icon with four sides arrows will help you in taking a long screenshot. You only have to keep touching the icon unless you reach the desired part of the page.

Video Call Effects

In advanced setting features, you will find video call effects through which you can blur and change your background with some photo or color on the video call.

Dual Messenger

This is mainly for social media applications. You can use dual apps and run two accounts on the same phone.

Shortcuts and Flash Notification

Go to the advanced settings of the accessibility section, and there you will find the shortcut for side and volume up key, for both volume up and down key together. You will find a flash notification option to enable the flash of the camera or screen.

Single Take Mode

Single take mode in-camera. You can take different types of shots within a single take.

Many Filters

You will find many good filters like Snapchat, which can be applied while taking selfies or photos.

Video Recording

You can record video in both front camera or back camera mode. You can capture ultra HD 4K 30FPS videos. With swipe down, you can change the camera from back to front or front to back. You can even take shots while capturing video.

Super Steady Mode of Video Recording

You can use super steady mode for video recording for better videos. But you will only be able to capture ultra HD 4K 30FPS videos.

Portrait Mode Background Effects

You can manually control the intensity of blurring the background. You will also find change background effects for captured portrait photos. You can change the intensity of blurring of background after taking a photo too. You can also add different filters to the photo.

Pro Mode Videos

If you want to change something in video manually like ISO, white balance, or anything else.

Slow-Motion or Super Slow Motion

You will find slow motion and super slow motion options for videos. The slow-motion feature will work for both the front and rear camera, but super slow motion will only work for the back camera.

AR Doodle Support

For using this, you will have to download AR core, and after that, you will be able to use the AR Doodle feature for photos.

Recycle Bin for Files

You will find recycle option in the file manager of this Samsung phone. You can recycle once deleted files from there.

Samsung Pay with NFC and Contactless Payments

For payment through Samsung phones, you will find Samsung pay on this phone too.

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