Top 5 Android 12 Beta Feature – Know before launch !

Top 5 Android 12 Beta Feature
Top 5 Android 12 Beta Feature

Android 12 is the latest and current version of Google’s operating system that runs billions of smartphones all over the world. Android 12 is one of the operating system’s that has major updates. Know Top 5 Android 12 Beta Feature.

If you aren’t using an iPhone, there is a 100% possibility your handset runs on Android – whether it’s a Samsung, Poco, OnePlus or another device.

Google Android 12 Beta Release Date in India :

Google during its annual developer’s conference on May 18, 2021, announced the first public beta build or feature for its Android 12 operating system. 

Before I begin with my first impressions, I would like to state that Google with Android 12 is pointing out imperatively on personalisation and privacy of its working process. Here we are going to discuss the Top 5 Android 12 Beta Features, which are available for you people. 

Android 12 Beta Feature :-

Privacy :

Google has released a lot of Android 12 Beta features but the main focus is privacy. Google take most of the things seriously which are directly or indirectly connected with privacy and protection. As Apple updated IOS 14.5 but we are unable to see any upper level of app tracking on this update. 

While Google added a new privacy dashboard, in this dashboard you can easily see what app can assess the permission. There are also some additional buttons to revoke and start some permissions as well as you can share the approximate location. 

Furthermore, Google has focused on the Computer Core which will provide easy access to your phone for AI functions like smart and quick reply, Live Caption etc. 

Quick Setting Improvements :

An additional quick setting for speaking is also added as a beta feature. This will be added by Google in Android 12 through which you can do a lot by operating this menu. 

Not only this, Google has challenged that you can run the entire operating system by just means of swiping or tapping.

Best Performance As Well As Efficiency :

To make it more efficient and reliable Google has claimed to reduced the core system in Android 12. This will be beneficial for Android 12 users in such a way that they can give quick response in day-to-day functions. While it will be also helpful in enhancing the battery life and performance as a whole. This feature is also known as “Private Android Computer Core”. 

Material You Design And Better Widgets :

Google also designed a new system in Android 12 is called Material You. This system is mainly for the set of new principles and creating new interfaces. 

This is more about that when you desire to change your wallpaper, automatically you will have an option to change colour as well. You will not need to select colour one by one it will automatically select dominant and complementary as well. Google is planning to finish all difficulties related to display in apps and widgets. Also hoping to enhance the new system for these widgets. 

Remote Controls :

By adding this Android 12 phone will be able to double and reliable as TV remove minimum for Android TV OS devices. This will not only help in TV removal but also will be beneficial for seeing front and back cameras accurately. In addition, it is helpful in monitoring the environment in real-time around the phone or device. 

Final Words :

According to my knowledge and experience, I have enlisted essential top 5 Android 12 Beta Features for easy access. There are many other features also which you can get through this upgraded system. Get in touch with That is the Best news as well as the technical data provider for you people.


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