Use of Windows Key When Your Mouse is Not Working

Use of Windows Key
Use of Windows Key

If the mouse is bad, you can easily open many files and pages without the mouse. know How You Can Do it? You can easily do it with the use of Windows Key.

Both the laptop and the system have a bad mouse. now what? Now what, it has to be taken to make it, and currently no work can be done without getting it fixed! Oh! Give it here! See how the page opened. Also Read: Top 3 Mouse for PC under 300 INR

Yes, there is no need to panic if the laptop and system mouse suddenly goes bad. Many files and pages can be opened easily without a mouse.

Let me tell you that with the help of Windows key you can open any taskbar page easily. If you are not sure about this, then you can also know from a person running a professional computer.

So without delay, let us know about these shortcuts logic of Windows key.

Uses of Windows Key if Mouse is Damaged :-

– Windows Key With “1”

If you want to open the first page or file without a mouse, if you press the Windows key and press the number 1, the first page on the taskbar will open up.

Like – Google is on the first place in the taskbar, so as soon as you press the Window key and 1, Google’s page will open in front of you.

Similarly, if Excel or any other program exists on another number, then press 2 with Windows. Similarly, the pages on the taskbar are easily opened.

– Windows Key With “E”

What will happen if the mouse of your system and laptop is defective and you want to see or remove some important files in My Computer?

In such a situation, you can go directly to My Computer using the E button with the Windows key and see the file or copy it from Control C and paste it into the pen drive. Also Read: Google Account Can Now be Accessed without Password

– Windows key with “|”

If the mouse of the system and the laptop is defective and you cannot even close the system, then what will you do? Probably would prefer to lock the screen first so that no one can read or view the file.

In such a situation, to lock the screen, you can easily lock the screen with the help of l with the windows key. You can then use it to open the lock again.

– Window Key With “D”

If you have opened many pages at once and suddenly the mouse is damaged or stops working then it becomes very difficult to reach the desktop page of the system.

But, it will not happen now. Because, as soon as you use D with the Win key, all the pages or files you have opened will all be minimized and you will come directly to the desktop.

Apart from this, you can fix the internal management of the computer by pressing Windows and X.


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