Vodafone Idea (VI) Users are Now Getting WiFi Calling Support. Know-How You Get This ?

Vodafone Idea Users are Now Getting WiFi Calling Support
Vodafone Idea Users are Now Getting WiFi Calling Support

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has announced that it will now provide voice calls to Apple iPhone users over the Wi-Fi calling service. Earlier, the Wi-Fi calling service was already running for select Android smartphones, although it has been implemented for iPhone users for the first time.

This feature helps in connecting regular voice calls using a Wi-Fi connection. It acts like a standard call that is made using cellular connectivity, although it also lets you know that essentially the same technology is used for both. Thus, this feature is helpful for excellent but Wi-Fi connectivity in areas with poor cellular reception.

Vi has now announced that its network will support Wi-Fi calling for iPhones running on iOS14.5. The iPhone 6S and above will be able to use the new functionality at no additional cost. Let me tell you that for now, this facility is available only in select areas. As stated on its website, Wi-Fi calling is currently being provided by Vi in Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Kolkata and Gujarat.

How to activate on iPhone Vodafone Idea’s Wi-Fi calling Service:-

It reminds you once again that only Vodafone Idea’s Wi-Fi calling service will work on iPhones that work on iOS 14.5. However, those who do not know about this let them know that this new iOS version has been given to iPhones with a new update.

However, in addition to this iOS version, you will need a good Wi-Fi connection to use this service. Apart from this, you must also have a 4G SIM card. Now let us know how this service can be availed. First of all, you have to activate this Vodafone Idea service on your phone.

First of all, remember that you need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 14.5. After that, you have to go to the phone’s settings, and by going to the phone here, enable your Wi-Fi calling.

This feature only works on iOS 14.5, which means that you can take advantage of this service on all iPhones on iPhone 6s and above. However, this service can be availed not only on iPhones but also on some Android phones already, like you can already use this service on Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme and Xiaomi phones.



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