Vodafone is Collaboration With a Car Company to safe from accidents..


The main objective of Porsche and Vodafone developing this system is to prevent such accidents and which are not visible to the drivers or are difficult for them to see.

Luxury car makers Porsche and Vodafone are working with HERE Technologies to improve road safety and reduce accidents. To know about this, they are doing a study with the help of 5G technology and accurate, real-time detection and localization of dangerous traffic situations.

These three companies are developing a real-time traffic warning system so that the vehicle and its driver can receive the danger information directly and can stop it without any delay and also get a quick response to it.

This warning system is currently being tested under conditions similar to everyday situations at the Vodafone 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven, Germany.

What is the Main Purpose of this System ?

The main objective of developing this system is to prevent such accidents and which drivers cannot see or are difficult for them to see. For example, when the view is blocked by oncoming traffic, this data will be captured using camera and sensor systems thanks to artificial intelligence and high-definition map and positioning technology. The received data will be directly road assessed through Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and then dedicated alerts will be sent to drivers traveling in the direction of danger, using 5G technology and an intelligent MQTT message broker.

Where did Testing Done :-

Live Sense Software Development Kit (SDK), HD maps and positioning technology from HERE Technologies will be used to detect further hazardous situations. The system will be integrated with a device with a front-facing camera of the consumer and will be able to identify objects and identify changes in behavior of other road users or road conditions leading to dangerous situations. “Location technology combined with 5G and multi-access edge computing delivers powerful solutions that make roads safer,” says Antina Lee, member of the Product Innovation Team at HERE Technologies.

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After initial tests at Vodafone Lab, the companies plan to further improve the real-time warning system and evaluate its capability in everyday use. They plan to conduct additional tests under different road conditions at different locations.



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