Apple MacBook Air M2 Review

We already knew that the new MacBook Air M2 has become significantly more expensive.

With the new MacBook Air M2 in the Midnight color, we determined that while the dark blue color looks very good

The new MacBook Air M2 is very slim, it still has a larger footprint than the direct competitors such as the Dell XPS 13 Plus or the Asus ZenBook S 13.

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The IPS panel of the Air M2 with a microscope and created a slow-motion recording with 240 images per second.


The performance is basically identical. In the Cinebench loop, we see a slight advantage to the basic model after several runs, and in the final runs, the high-end Air is also minimally faster.


We already saw in the test of the basic model that the new speaker system of the MacBook Air M2 is again very good but doesn't represent a significant improvement compared to the previous MacBook Air M1.


Optionally , you can also switch to the more powerful 67-Watt charger, which has a positive effect particularly on the recharging time, since the new MacBook Air M2 will then also support faster charging.

Power Consumption

The new Air M2 doesn't quite last for a full 6 hours in the WLAN test, the MacBook Pro 14 is able to last for 6.5 hours.

Battery Life

After we already tested the basic version of the new MacBook Air M2 extensively, now the upgrades are only able to impress us to a limited extent