A Review Of The Latest Updates To Oxygen OS 13 On Oneplus:  Released date

Release date

We estimate the principal stable form of the OxygenOS 13 to be accessible when Q3 of 2022.

Apply for OxygenOS 13 CBT Program

You need to buy an Indian variant of the OnePlus 10 Pro and be an active member of the Oneplus Community

OS 13 features

OnePlus’s merge of its OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS met some criticism from the long-term OnePlus fans.

– Improve UI personalisation and consistency

- A more immersive and efficient Zen Mode is now available

- Allocation and management of memory improved

OS 13 supported devices

- OnePlus 10 Pro  - OnePlus 9 Pro - OnePlus 9  - OnePlus 8T - OnePlus 8 - OnePlus 8 Pro - OnePlus 10T  - OnePlus 10R