Whatsaap New Feature : Move Between one number to other in chat

WhatsApp New Feature
WhatsApp New Feature

Millions of people around the world use WhatsApp and send billions of messages to their friends, family, and official work every day. Now WhatsApp is working on its Whatsaap New Feature to improve the chat transfer process for its users. Also Read : How to Transfer Money From US To India

It is reported that this instant messaging app is now making it easy to transfer chats between multiple devices. In this case, it will soon have a new function. After the introduction of this feature, users can easily transfer their WhatsApp chat from one number to another.

In this way, many things become easy for users. Here we tell you how this process works? WhatsApp chat migration occurs between two numbers. According to media reports, Facebook’s own instant messaging app is currently testing this function for both Android and iOS platforms.

Function allows users to transfer their WhatsApp chat from one number to another, but they get a cavity in it. Note that users can never broadcast a chat at will.This only happens when you switch to a new phone. Let me tell you that in addition to the message, multimedia files are also transmitted. Also Read : How much net needed for a Whatsaap Call

If this feature is available, users will have a lot of work to do as WhatsApp is currently only available via Chat Backup in and the number associated with the account must be the same.

Whatsaap New Feature Coming soon :-

This new function connects to the next WhatsApp function, where the transfer of the chat between Android and iOS is possible. So far, the biggest problem for users has been that when transferring chat and photo video from Android to iOS smartphone, their chats could not be backed up.

However, the new feature makes this easier. That being said, there is such an option to sync the chat with the new feature that means that users can use WhatsApp in the same way as the old chat, even if they switch from one device to another.

All of these features can be part of the larger multi-device support feature where users can use the WhatsApp account in a maximum of 4 at the same time. It is not currently clear when these new features will be available to users. No official information is available yet, but it is expected that users will be able to receive these offers soon.



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