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Whatsaap Privacy
Whatsaap Privacy

Whatsaap Privacy is Really dangerous for users, As reported by The News Minute, the National Crime Records Bureau in 2017 recorded cyber crime and women’s cyber crime cases in its crime database, with around 555 cases reported across India for the first time.

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This isn’t to say it hadn’t happened before, but it drew no attention and lacked statistical evidence to back it up. All became simpler and quicker with the introduction of the Internet, as well as opening up new ways for cyberbetters and hackers. Another example of rising cyber threats and deteriorating data privacy policies is the latest study on WhatsApp’s status flaw.

Traced, a mobile security app, released a study a few days ago on WhatsApp’s status loophole and how cyberstalkers are exploiting it. Whatsapp announced in March 2020 that it had reached 2 billion users worldwide and discussed the app’s security encryptions in a blog post. However, the recent incident demonstrates that, despite promising such a secure platform, the app almost completely ignored the other flaws.

Whatsaap Privacy 2021

According to the Traced study, their CTO Matt Boddy discovered that if a person enters any mobile number, the tracker provides the exact date and time that person opened WhatsApp while pondering various WhatsApp online status tracking apps and websites. They also discovered that entering a second phone alongside the first allows cyberattackers to see if these two numbers are conversing in the app.

According to the study, some of these online trackers’ marketing taglines include, “If you suspect a cheating spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, the (tracker’s) Whatsapp last seen tracker online will help you to validate whether or not your suspicions are really true.”

Another enables parents to keep track of their offspring.

While WhatsApp has a security function that allows users to mask their “last seen,” this is useless here because your online status is shown the moment you enter the app. In such cases, WhatsApp Privacy settings should be more warning, and a way to prevent this breach of privacy should be found.

Why Users are Not Save With WhatsAap’s Privacy

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular social media site that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Many stalkers would take advantage of this WhatsApp status vulnerability to keep tabs on their goals.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of people being concerned about their privacy on social media sites. Facebook was recently in the news for a major data breach that exposed the personal information of many users to hackers and dark web sites. Last year, WhatsApp attracted controversy for modifying its privacy policy, causing uncertainty among users, and eventually leading to people abandoning the app in favour of Telegram.

According to a Programmer News article, WhatsApp recently patched two security flaws in their Android app that could have resulted in a “man-in-the-disk” model attack and the compromise of confidential data shared through the app. Why did the app leave such a loophole despite accepting its presence in their security terms and conditions is a significant question to ask while dealing with such complex issues.

Whatsaap Privacy : Some Important Details –

Creating an online monitoring device is no longer an impossibility. Online monitoring services are available for free on a variety of applications and websites. One of the websites also goes into detail about how to build a WhatsApp online tracker to keep track of the activities of specific individuals. The article explains how a python script can use selenium and Xpath to automate the development of a tracking app.

It’s disturbing to realise how easily people can be tracked, stalked, and manipulated without their consent in today’s world. Social media behemoths should move quickly to combat these invasions of privacy, and stringent policies should be in place to limit the use of spying apps.



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