WhatsApp design has changed since Facebook rebranding meta Android started showing on Mark Zuckerberg Ace



New Delhi. After changing the name and logo of the social networking company Facebook, this time the design of WhatsApp has also started to change. In fact, the whole Facebook brand name is now meta. However, only the original organization Facebook has been given a new name. Besides, the names of all the companies on Facebook have not been changed. Nevertheless, changes to the company’s name and logo have begun to have an effect on its affiliates. In this episode, WhatsApp will have to change its design first.

That hasn’t changed for all WhatsApp users
When launching the instant messaging app WhatsApp, users can see WhatsApp text from Facebook on the screen. Now users can see the new line WhatsApp by Meta. Currently, it is not released for all WhatsApp users. According to WABetaInfo, it has been brought to the beta version of WhatsApp, which will also come in a stable version soon.

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Facebook’s new name is taken from Metaverse
Facebook has taken its new name Meta from Metavers. Through Metaverse, people can meet, work and play in the virtual world using virtual reality headsets. Metaverse is a virtual computer generated space. Technology companies around the world are currently looking to the future in Metaverse. We tell you that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an earnings call in July 2021 that the company’s future lies in metavars.

WhatsApp design has changed since Facebook rebranding meta started showing up to beta testers on Android iOS achs

This is what happened after the change of WhatsApp. (Photo credit: WABetaInfo)

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Experts have mixed opinions about metavers
Experts believe that this could be the Internet of the future. In this way, the combination of virtual reality and other technologies will take the conversation to a different level. Some experts are also worried about this. They believe that this technology will reach a large number of personal information technology companies. This will completely remove the privacy limit. At the same time, companies can use it as they wish.

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