WhatsApp News Update Users Can Use Media Shortcut Options Bud Problem Solving What’s Changing Now



WhatsApp is bringing an update to fix the media shortcut option in the instant messaging app. Some users noticed the bug when they discovered that media shortcuts were not available to them. Now WhatsApp is fixing this bug with a new update. When you open pictures, videos, GIFs, you already have a quick edit shortcut there. But WhatsApp just released a new side shortcut when opening multiple media just a week ago.

WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo reported that some users noticed the new fast edit shortcut and questioned why it was not working.

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In a statement, WABetaInfo wrote, ‘Following the release of the new WhatsApp beta for the Android update, WhatsApp is now removing that shortcut. We don’t know if they plan to launch shortcuts again in the future.

These changes have been noticed by Android users:
Android users have seen this change and now the WhatsApp company is fixing it for them too. WhatsApp is bringing a new update through the Google Play Beta program, rolling out the update on each model. You can still check out the WhatsApp beta for Play Retailer Android update.

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It is said that WhatsApp is working to notify its users. When someone responds to your message, video or GIF. This may sound a bit weird but you can customize it across the whole app. This new feature will be available to iOS users first and then to the Android platform. We tell you that the new feature of WhatsApp is similar to the responses of Facebook and Instagram.

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