Why smartphone batteries explode and how to prevent it



New Delhi. There has been a recent news that the battery of OnePlus Nord 2 has exploded and many users have been injured. The explosion in the battery of the smartphone is not new. We have received many such cases in the past. The smartphone maker always says that there must be a problem with the customer, the product is completely safe. Experts further say that in most cases, smartphones explode due to the negligence of the user. So today we are going to tell you what are the carelessness that caused the smartphone to explode.

Physically damaged device or battery
Many times when the phone breaks from our hands, the battery inside the phone gets damaged. Problems such as short circuits and overheating can occur at any time if the battery is damaged. The first sign of a short circuit or overheating of the battery is that the battery starts to swell. By looking at the smartphone you can also guess whether the battery is full or not. If your smartphone runs out of battery, you should check with a service center immediately.

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Not using the original charger
Many people start using fake chargers after the charger of the smartphone is damaged or damaged. But people do not know that using cheap and un-certified charger is not safe. Each company offers a special charger with their smartphone so that the phone lasts longer and the battery stays fine. Charging the battery with another charger heats up the interior of the phone. So, always remember to use the original charger of the phone to charge the battery.

Incorrectly charged phone
It is common to fall asleep at night with the phone charged, but it is dangerous to do so. Even after a full charge, if the charger is turned on, both the battery and the phone start to overheat, which can cause a short circuit or an explosion. For this reason, many companies nowadays have started offering the feature that when the battery is fully charged, the current is automatically cut off. Although this feature is only available on expensive smartphones, not on budget smartphones. Even then, you should be careful not to sleep at night on the charge. Other than that the phone should not be charged even if it is in the pocket or bag. It would be better to open the cover of your phone and charge it. The phone should never be placed in a car parked in the sun.

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The battery falls into the water or gets heated in sunlight
If the phone’s battery falls into the water or is exposed to direct sunlight, the chances of battery blasting increase. Due to the extreme heat, the battery cells become unstable and begin to produce oxygen and carbon dioxide gas. Because of this, the battery swells and may explode later. So do not place the phone in direct sunlight. Similarly, even after coming in contact with water, the battery cells do not work properly and the battery starts to swell.

Processor overloading
Many people overload the processor of the smartphone. This means that the phone starts using more than its capacity. There are some games that can’t run on every smartphone. Due to the heavy work on the light processor the processor starts to get hot. It also affects the battery. In this case too, the phone may overheat and explode. The solution is to turn off and restart your phone for a while when it starts to hang or get hot. Can remove large apps.

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