Windows 11 Features and System Requirements

Windows 11 Features: Best Windows Launched By Microsoft till Now, Can Beat Apple Mac OS..

Windows 11 Features

Recently Microsoft has announced the Unbelievable News, that A New Window is Coming and It was Teased Officially by Microsoft on 25 June 2021. When Microsoft Launched Windows 10, It claims that No More Windows will Be Launched anymore, and We Only Work on Windows 10 Updates. But Some days ago, Microsoft Shocked All the Big Tech Giants. In this Article We See All the Windows 11 Features and All the News and Revealed Information About Windows 11, so Stay Tuned.

Although it is Properly Mentioned by Microsoft that It Simultaneously Gives the Windows 10 Upgrades as Previous. Also, If You have buyed a PC or Laptop in 2021 with Windows 10 OS, You Will Get a Free Windows 11 Upgrade in Your System.

If You Having a Windows 10, 7 or Any Operating System Installed in Your System, then You able to Get Official Windows 11 By Microsoft in these Winters. Before Moving to the Features of Windows 11, let’s know all the System Requirements of Windows 11.

What are The System Requirements of Windows 11?

If You Want to Install Windows 11 in Your Old Version Laptop or PC, then it Should Meat the Below Minimum System Requirements.

  1. Processor Must Be 1 GHz or Faster with 2 Or More Cores.
  2. Ram is More than 4 GB.
  3. Your Device Must Have 64 GB or More Free Storage Available to Easily and Softly Run Windows 11
  4. You Must Install Windows 11 On an SSD instead of a HDD to Boost and Enhance the Working Experience.
  5. Your System Must have Safe Mode Available.
  6. Your PC’s TPM Version Must Be New, or 2.0, You Can Read What is TPM by Clicking the TPM.
  7. Laptop Display Should Be More then 9 Inch and Must with HD Resolutions of At least 720p.
  8. Your PC Must have A Good Internet Connection, Otherwise You’ll Now able to Install Windows 11 On Your System.
  9. Your Graphics Must be DirectX 12 compatible graphics.

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Windows 11 Features: –

Microsoft has Tried their Best to Copy Mac OS in Every Perspectives. This Time Microsoft Introduced the Rounded Corners Technology in Apps or Start Menus and Settings.

  1. Multi-Tasking is Enhanced Very Greatly, you can Now Directly Choose What Type of Layout You Want. You Can See the Official Image Below.
  2.  Microsoft Has Launched New Software, i.e., Microsoft Chats in Windows 11, You can Now Directly Chat or Call Your Friends Like WhatsApp. Microsoft Claims that they provide a Secure Connection Between You and your Friend.
  3. Microsoft Store Design is Completely Changed for Windows 11, Now you Can Also Install Your Mobile Google Play Store Apps in Your System.
  4. Now You Got an Option in the Menu Bar in the Bottom of the Page, of Microsoft News, where you can read Trending News Articles.
  5. Gaming Experience is Completely Enhanced.

There are Definitely More Features in Windows 11, But as Now we cannot Install Windows 11, that’s why I don’t able to Find More Features. But Stay Tuned to Get Latest News About Windows.


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